A symphony of learning within the fascinating world of LET Center in Prishtina

In the heart of Prishtina, in a new neighborhood, I arrived at the LET Center, where I was met with a warm welcome of the smiling children and friendly staff, led by Lida, the energetic leader who filled me with positivity. Her dedication was noticeable the moment you stepped into the LET Center.  With her team, she transformed the center into a sanctuary of joy and learning.

During my visit to the Center, I saw children brimming with smiles as they eagerly engaged in meticulously crafted activities, igniting their curiosity, and nurturing their imaginations. Classes of chess, arts, music, various other meticulously planned activities, all tailored to foster a welcoming environment for children aged 0-6.

Every corner of the LET Center was transformed into a vibrant space for learning, play, and activities, amplifying the sense of joy and creativity. Through interactive games and multifaceted learning approaches, educators wholeheartedly immersed themselves in molding the young minds, instilling an enduring love for learning without limits.

“We’ve arrived at this point through sheer hard work and commitment, together with all LET Center staff members”, said Lida, the Center’s owner/manager.

The beginning of any business is challenging. However, with determination, innovative ideas, and an unwavering dedication, we succeeded in establishing this center, which can now accommodate up to 120 children.

Access to financing, particularly for women, is not easy.  Often, we find ourselves underserved in terms of financial opportunities, given the lack of property ownership.  However, through our long-standing cooperation with the bank and the credit guarantee from the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund, we expanded our business and today, with my sister Fitore, we manage two children’s education centers, continued Lida.

“Like any venture, this business has its unique attributes and challenges.  We’re deeply attuned to children’s needs and upbringing.  As an educational center, we must cultivate trust among parents, meeting their expectations in terms of substance, as well as ensuring a quality, child-friendly environment. Through this approach, parents place their trust in us, comfortable in leaving their children in safe hands,” stated Lida.

Our center currently counts 15 educators and caters to 65 children, from 0 to 6 years of age.  We will remain an education center for children in which everyone will feel the safety, well-being, and professionalism we provide. Our ambitions extend further; we aim to foster children’s passion for art, music, physical education, knowledge, and creativity. We aspire to sow the seeds of critical thinking, paving the way for future generations’ prosperity.

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