Grievance Redress Mechanism

What is Grievance Redress Mechanism?

The Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF) has developed a Grievance Redress Mechanism (hereinafter GRM) to provide grievance to individuals, groups, communities or other parties who believe they are affected by a project supported by the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund.
This mechanism ensures that stakeholders use this tool to resolve disputes related to KCGF-supported projects and which can cause any potential harm to the community as a result of non-compliance with mitigation measures that should be applied during the implementation of the investment.

The GRM consists a Panel of Experts which are KCGF employees. The Expert Panel consists a group of three persons with environmental, social, legal and financial expertise, which will review the complaint if it is relevant, and if it is in compliance with the planned measures, and address the complaint to the Financial Partner Institutions who have credited the borrower which made the investment.

Who is eligible to file a complaint?

The complaint can be made by individuals, companies or organizations that consider that KCGF has guaranteed any project that has caused or is likely to cause environmental and / or social damage with the potential to affect human well-being.

Eligibility Criterias

To file a complaint, the following two criterias must be met:

  • The complaint relates to any of the guarantee activities;
  • Contains a sufficient amount of details to indicate that a malignant action has occurred or is likely to occur, affecting individual or collective well-being or posing a risk to the environment.


What is the process of addressing a complaint?

The process of addressing a complaint is as follows:

  • Filing the complaint
  • The complainant must complete the complaint online (see below), or by filling out the form which he / she can send by mail in KCGF address;
  • The form must be fully completed;
  • The complainant in the field of comments should provide as much information as possible about the project and the impact it has caused or will potentially cause;
  • The complainant must indicate which regulation is being violated.

  • Reviewing the complaint
  • All complaints will be reviewed and recorded in the KCGF database;
  • The complainant can complain confidentially, KCGF will not disclose the complainant’s details in this case;
  • Within two (2) days, the complainant will be informed that his / her request has been accepted or rejected;
  • In case of refusal, the complainant is informed of the reason and is asked to meet all the previously missing requirements.

  • Communication
  • After reviewing the complaint, the process of communication with related parties and monitoring begins;
  • All communications and minutes of meetings will be recorded in the KCGF database;
  • KCGF will contact the complainant and inform him / her about the case.


  • The possibility of confidentiality
  • The complainant has the right to remain confidential and his / her details will not be disclosed.

Submission of the complaint


If you want to file a complaint online, you can do so by filling out the form in the following link “Online Form”

 Via email / mail:

If you want to file a complaint by mail, please send your complaint by filling out the form below to the following addresses:

Fondi Kosovar për Garanci Kreditore
Njazi Alishani, nr 5
10000 Prishtinë
Republika e Kosovës