Registered Financial institutions in the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund are:


KCGF may register any lending Financial Institution (Bank, MFI, NBFI) that is licensed by Central Bank of Kosovo and operates in the Republic of Kosovo. For registration purposes, the FI shall meet the following criteria:

– Have a sound financial condition, as evidenced by adequate capital, satisfactory asset quality, sustained profits and satisfactory liquidity;

– Have a satisfactory corporate governance structures and sound loan underwriting policies and procedures;

Have adapted or are in the process of adapting environmental risk standard in lending, which will ensure that loans will meet environmental criteria;

– Has in place a comprehensive and effective AML/CFT (Anti Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism) compliance program and that it implements all requirements set under the Law No. 05/L-096 On The Prevention Of Money Laundering And Combating Terrorist Financing;

– Have good reputation in the market;

– Has a risk management frameworks, at acceptable level in compliance with KCGF standards and requirements;

– Has a satisfactory structure for managing the portfolio quality;

– Have minimum three (3) years of existing experience in the MSME market, and have willingness and clear plan to further penetrate the MSME segment;

Have willingness to take more risk, by lending to underserves categories, such as women in business, start-ups, business with less collateral, etc.

Following criteria can lead to rejection of the application:

– If the applicant FI does not meet the
regulatory capital requirements (as evidenced in the last audit report);
– If the applicant FI has NPL ratio higher than 15% in business credits loan portfolio;
– If the applicant FI, its board or senior management, are subject to any enforcement action or sanctions by the CBK; and
– If the applicant FI does not have minimum of three years’ operating in MSME market.