MY TAXI  – A pioneering business for a sustainable transport in the future


In the crowded and buzzing city of Mitrovica, an innovative transporting service company named “My Taxi” has revolutionized the transportation industry in this city. Founded in December 2021, by a group of visionary entrepreneurs aiming to create a greener and more sustainable future by investing in electric cars,  brought an innovation to the city. Eventhough business started with fueled cars as a conventional trend, the owners took a step forward by investing in electric cars. This visionary move was made possible through the loan guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund, an institution affirmed in supporting environmentally friendly initiatives.

The two co-owners, Mirsad Selmani and Driton Berisha, two young people full of energy and commitment, purchased three MG4 type electric cars, thus initiated a new innovative trend. These cars are proving to be more than just an environmentally friendly choice; low cost in the long run, saving the company a significant amounts in fuel, maintenance and running costs. Their smooth rides ensure passengers a pleasant and a calming travel experience.

Although new in the market, the fleet of electric cars became an attraction for citizens who with no hesitation started to use the new transport. The attractive and eye catching green logo of “My Taxi” is gradually becoming a symbol of progress, sustainability.  Within a short period of time, electric cars became in high demand, constantly booked by locals and environmentally conscious tourists. Both, demand and initial success gave the owners the confidence to expand further. They are determined to expand their fleet with electric cars and by the end of this year, they are planning  to purchase ten new additional electric cars.

“My Taxi” with around 25 full time workers whose number increases during the busy season, created employment opportunities and are contributing to the local economy. The ten new electric cars they plan to bring will mark another moment and a turning point for the taxi service. Eventhough they started with a modest number of cars, the impact of “My Taxi” on the environment is undeniable. Electric cars significantly reduced carbon emissions by 132 kg/km, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for the residents of the city of Mitrovica. Initial success will be an inspiration for other businesses in the transportation industry to consider environmentally friendly alternatives, causing a positive domino effect in the community. “My Taxi” is an excellent example of how a business can be profitable and environmentally responsible.

Day by day, they prove that sustainability and profitability jointly, are setting a benchmark for others to follow. With their goals of continuous growth and expansion, “My Taxi” envisions a future where clean transportation becomes the norm, transforming their city into a greener, quieter, and healthier place for everyone.

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