Guarantees to financial institutions to cover the credit risk to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that are active in agriculture sector.

By being focused in this important sector of local economy, we enable the sustainable development of this sector as well. This will have a direct impact on increasing the employment in this sector and in import substitution of food products.


  • Guarantees will be issued up to 50% of the principal of the agriculture loan. Guarantees may also be in a lower percentage.
  • Minimum amount of agriculture loan is 3,000 EUR.
  • Maximum sized guarantee exposure that the Fund may offer to the borrower or group of related borrowers will be 250K EUR, whereas its maximum credit exposure will be 1 million EUR.
  • The maximum deadline for the repayment of the guaranteed credit will be 120 months.
  • With favorable conditions are guaranteed all agriculture loans used for working capital, fixed assets or capital investments.


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