Zgjojet e bletëve në fshatin piktoresk

On the fifth anniversary of KCGF first guarantee approval, we bring to you a special success about the company – AGRIUM FRUITS SHPK

On a beautiful September day, we went to visit the company AGRIUM FRUITS SHPK – located in the village of Lloshkobar near the city of Ferizaj, where we met a special entrepreneur, Mr. Avdullah Isufi.

Hardworking, modest, hospitable man who from the first meeting amazed with his professionalism, knowledge and acquaintance related to agribusiness.

Upon entering his courtyard, where he had both home and his business, we could notice a beautifully arranged flower garden. At first impression, you could notice the devotion to his work and business.

He founded this business in year 2000, and today, he has entrusted key tasks to his sons.

Initially, started with primary production, continued with expanding activities related to the collection and canning of fresh and quality fruits and vegetables by farmers; as well as finding markets and providing various agricultural inputs.

The years 2010 – 2011 were crucial years of growth and expansion of his business.

In 2016 through loans, AGRIUM FRUITS LLC had managed to purchase refrigerators, and increase capacities for collection, selection, packaging, and export of goods in EU.

Year 2016 and exactly the month of September, is related to the month when the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF) was operationalized where among the first credit guarantees issued was the one for the company AGRIUM FRUITS SHPK.

“Through continuous expansion, to support our activities, we needed investment in equipment.  We achieved this investment with the loan that was guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund, in addition to which the demand for collateral was much lower “, emphasizes Mr. Isufi.

Being a customer with excellent credit history, he qualified and received another loan, again guaranteed by KCGF, to purchase additional equipment’s to improve yield selection (tapes and detectors that automatically make the selection).

“Kosovo has large capacities to produce all kinds of agricultural crops to meet the needs of local market and the rest for export. We just need commitment, dedication and hard work “- are the words that this wise and hardworking man told us.

Many businesses, through loans could grow and prosper just as I did. In a short site visit of his business, we saw only a part of the investments done. We returned at the office with best impressions of a business that has grown and prosper in Kosovo.


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