The journey of “Scampa”, a plastic products business.

In 2006, in the heart of the Drenas Industrial Park, emerged a start-up with big dreams, which is now a consolidated business.

From a modest enterprise, it very quickly and convincingly turned into a successful company, thanks to the vision and energy of its founder, Kujtim Gjevori.

Like any business, in its beginnings “Scampa” faced many challenges typical for startups – limited resources, competition, as well as changing market dynamics.

However, driven by desire, ambition and commitment to quality, Kujtim was persistent in his vision. With a dedicated team, today composed of 50 employees, the company focused on refining the production processes and expanding its product range. One of the major turning points came when the company embraced innovation and invested in the latest plastic processing technology to manufacture bags with custom designs and high-quality printing, setting itself apart from competitors and starting to export abroad as well, in the US and Europe.

Recognizing the potential of overseas markets, this company’s expansion plans strategically targeted European countries in particular, such as the Netherlands and Belgium, known for their strict quality standards and environmentally conscious consumer base. This was achieved through partnership and joint investment with a Belgian company as well as the meticulous planning and high quality, they managed to successfully penetrate these markets, gaining the trust of customers.

The approach and work culture practiced at “Scampa” have fostered innovation and continuous improvement, both in quality and working conditions, ensuring the company’s distinguished status in this industry. With investments in new high-capacity machinery through financing from banks, as well as with the guarantee of a part of the financing from the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund through the export window that supports exporting businesses, the intended journey of this business became a reality.

Scampa products are made from 80%+ PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) waste. So all the material, instead of being sent to a landfill, is reused and given a new form and life. The owner of the company told us that: “By using PCR waste in our products, we reduce our carbon footprint on the environment and promote sustainability.

By implementing the closed loop, which means all the waste generated in our factory during manufacturing, is recycled and becomes final products. The recycling and the new ongoing project are also the use of biodegradable materials are environmentally friendly practices”.

Today, this once small manufacturer of plastic bags, stands as a shining example of entrepreneurial success. With strong foundations, a talented team, and a visionary leader at the helm, they continue to penetrate beyond the borders of Kosovo and constantly explore new opportunities for growth.

As they work towards the future, one thing is certain – the journey of this domestic company has opened the doors to more chapters of success that have not yet been written, and will certainly be written in the future.

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