Last week we visited the picturesque Village of Rubofc in the municipality of Lipjan, and the passionate beekeeper Bekim Bajqinca, owner of the Bletaria Blenardi company.

Bekim displays great organization, pedantry and dedication and a deep love and respect for the nature, which made him turn his hobby into a successful business. With a clear vision in mind, Bekim decided to continue his family’s tradition of beekeeping, and not only contribute to the local economy, but also promote environmental protection.

Bekim started his beekeeping journey and mission back in 1992, when his uncle started beekeeping, giving Bekim 4 hives.

He turned this hobby into a business, or rather a real passion. He increased the number of bee hives to 700, carefully nurturing his large number of bees throughout the summer season, spending countless hours with a dedication which eventually paid off, as he managed to not only produce exceptionally high quality honey, but other bee products too, such as pollen, propolis, bee milk, etc.

The loan guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund was used for the purchase of new hives, 500 hives, as a back-up for winter preparations, so that next spring finds Blenardi beekeeping business prepared for the next season.

In and around the village of Rubofc, everyone has heard of the wonderful honey that Bekimi cultivates in his plantation. Thanks to the unique flower nuances, attributed to the rich diversity of flowers in the surrounding countryside, his honey became highly sought after, attracting not only local customers, but also attracting the attention of fine honey enthusiasts abroad.

Bekim’s commitment is undoubtedly one of the key factors of his success. Working alone, he takes care of all the hives he owns.

Today, the beekeeping business stands as a shining example of how a small effort, fueled by passion, and the desire to make a difference, can blossom into a remarkable success story.

His dedication to the welfare of the bees, his focus on sustainable practices have not only created a thriving enterprise, but also fostered a sense of harmony between people and nature in the wonderful Village of Rubofc.

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