Fifth Anniversary – Approval of the First Loan Guarantee

The Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF) is pleased to announce that it has been five years since the first credit guarantees were approved. Through loan guarantee, the Fund has improved the performance of MSMEs with investments made by guaranteed loans. It has facilitated access to finance by helping development of the economy through business development, creativity, and innovation.

Today, we remember Bank for Business as one of the first banks, issuing one of the first guarantee loans. In this occasion, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Arton Celina made a statement:

For five years, the cooperation of our Bank with the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund has helped in accomplishing of our overall mission as a Bank, which is to support MSM businesses in the country. We consider these businesses as the main driver of economic development and employment growth in Kosovo, therefore through the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund businesses have benefited directly by having easier access to finance. The partnership between BPB and the KCGF has proven to be a very useful and successful cooperation, in this context we have expanded the cooperation with the new limits in the windows for agribusiness, the window for economic recovery and finally the window for Start-up businesses.

On the 5th anniversary, the Bank for Business congratulates the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund, ensuring that in future, our cooperation will expand towards our overall mission.

Many more years to come, heading to new plans and collaborations. Congratulations!

The Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund welcomes cooperation with financial institutions in Kosovo and proudly takes its place as a significant factor in economic development in the Republic of Kosovo.

The portfolio construction for these five years has reached the cumulative value of approved loans at 335.8 million euros, while the value guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund has reached 175.7 million euros distributed in 8,398 loans.

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