Pristina, September 29, 2018 – Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF) is honored to announce marking of its second year of full functionalization of activities.

Through guaranteeing of the loan portfolio for Partner Banks, KCGF managed to help in facilitating access to finance for MSMEs, and become an important partner in the financial intermediation process within our country’s economy.

KCGF has now signed guarantee agreements with almost all banks in Kosovo, including Banka Ekonomike, Banka Kombëtare Tregtare, Banka për Biznes, NLB Bank, ProCredit Bank, Raiffaisen Bank, and TEB Bank. Also, guarantee agreement was recently signed with Raiffaisen Leasing Kosovo. Agreement enables Partner Financial Institutions to obtain collateral security or transfer part of credit risk as a result of insufficient collateral for loans issued to MSMEs.

Development of the loan guarantee portfolio over these two years continued to grow systematically, thus reaching the cumulative loan value of 63.3 million disbursed in 1’650 loans.

During these two years, the KCGF was always proactive to the needs of the sector, continuously improving processes, qualifying criteria and advancing guarantee products. With a high level of optimism, we believe that the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund shall play an important role in lending to Kosovo businesses. This role would not have been possible without active support of the Government of Kosovo, international donors such as USAID, KfW and SIDA, Central Bank of Kosovo, Partner Financial Institutions and other related institutions.

We are grateful for this support and we believe it shall as active in the future, always aiming to enhance access to finance for MSMEs, support entrepreneurship development, domestic production and services that create an added value, creation of new jobs and support overall economic development.

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