Zgjojet e bletëve në fshatin piktoresk

On our way from Prishtina to Ferizaj, going through the old road, not far from the entrance to Ferizaj, in the place called Prelez i Muhaxherëve, among the many businesses there, we visited the NAYRA-G Cheese House.
Shemsija, a smiling lady, full of energy, welcomed us at the workplace which she and her husband, Idriz, started in 2015. A plant of natural dairy products, with a variety of products such as soft and hard cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt as well as many other types of products, distinguished for their authenticity and pure natural structure.
The plant now has new machines, where the dairy products are processed, packaged and prepared for distribution.
“Here, everything is BIO” – because this is the concept of our business we designed from the beginning – says Ms. Shemsije, a hardworking lady who is the initiator of this business idea.
“I have always dreamed of growing my business, have modern and sophisticated equipment that facilitates and enables quality production of natural products.
Now, we have managed to get the desired equipment, we bought it through the loan that was issued to us by a bank, guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund.
“This loan was approved very quickly, without collateral and with shortened procedures. As a client who regularly repaid all loan installments, we had an advantage and were qualified to invest further in our business” – Shemsija told us.
We have recently increased our capacities and have over 20 full time employees. Today we work with a processing capacity of 2500 liters of milk per day, although our processing capacity can reach up to 70,000 liters, which is our goal for the future – said Mr. Idrizi, a man who always stands by Shemsije, the lady known for her organizational skills, and who is responsible for all operational work in this business.
Natyra- G, a family-owned business has involved all family members. It built its modern plant step by step, year after year, investing and increasing the production capacity with all-natural milk.

A new financial window “EXPORT WINDOW” was launched

A new financial window “EXPORT WINDOW” was launched

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