Olive Bakery – A tasteful StartUP!

Olive Bakery – A tasteful StartUP!

 Olive Bakery was established in December 2021, as an excellent idea of a young man from Prishtina. Full of energy and enthusiasm Bajram Martinaj – the owner of Olive Bakery, launched a new business in the market, with a unique image, quality products and new recipes.

We visited Olive Bakery and the impressions we got were really impressive. A store with a modern design, clean space, workshop with sophisticated equipment, hospitality and positive approach to customers. The owner of the Olive Bakery during the conversation excplained the beginnings of the business.

“Olive Bakery opened last year, with the idea to bring a different concept in the market, with quality recipes and service. We started the business with eight employees and now, after only a few months, we have managed to hire six more employees, increasing the number to a total of fourteen staff. ” Yet, like any business, Olive Bakery also faced various challenges when started its operation. “It is not at all easy to be a Start-Up in Kosovo – it requires investment, qualified experts, product quality standards, specific equipment, in order to be competitive in the market.” – says Mr. Martinaj.

We whitnessed a great working environment, everything was arranged and planned in details. “We want to expand the company’s activities, therefore, I realized that we need investments in order to expand the business, as we plan to open another branch in Pristina.” – says the owner Mr. Martinaj.

“Of course, I should also mention the financial support from the banks, although in addition to family capital, through the loan guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund, we will be able to accomplish our plans “. Through investments and financial support, we have managed to create better space, hire additional staff and more easily plan business expansion”, stressed Mr. Martinaj.

We left Olive Bakery in its production pick, with taste and aroma of fresh products served in the restaurant located in the center of Prishtina.

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