Windows “Women in Business” and “Start-Up” – two new financial schemes from the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund

Today, the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund launched two new financial products dedicated to women in business and Start-ups.  On this occasion, KCGF and financial institutions of Kosovo will sign an agreement with the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund.

Today, on April 26, 2023, on the seventh anniversary of the establishment of the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund, a modest ceremony was organized where agreements were signed between the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF) and registered financial institutions, for the new guarantee windows “Women in Business” and “Start Ups”.

The agreements were signed by the KCGF Managing Director, Mr. Besnik Berisha, and Mrs. Mimoza Godanci-Aliu – Chief Executive Officer – Bank for Business

Mr. Shpend Luzha, Chief Executive Officer – Economic Bank

Mr. Albion Mulaku – First Deputy Chief Executive Officer BKT Kosovo

The ceremony was attended by representatives of: Government of the Republic of Kosovo; Central Bank of Kosovo; USAID; Swedish Embassy in Kosovo; Association of Banks; Donors; Registered financial institutions, as well as many other representatives, partners and associated of KCGF.

Also,  during the ceremony were presented two congratulation videos from: Mr. Massimiliano Paolucci  – Country Manager for Kosovo and for North Macedonia, in the Europe and Central Asia Region of the World Bank;  and Guy Selbherr  – The President of AECM, the European Association of Guarantee Institutions. AECM

On this occasion, the Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade, Mrs. Rozeta Hajdari, addressed the audience, describing today’s event of the launch of the two new KCGF guarantee schemes as very positive for the economy of Kosovo.

The following are some of today’s statements from the speakers and signatories of the agreements.


“On the occasion of the ceremony of the launching of two new guarantee windows for “women in business” and “start-ups” from the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund, Governor Nurboja stated that these two new windows will help the growth and development of businesses, and will contribute in the overall economic development of the country.

CBK Governor Mr. Nurboja said that the new guarantee window for “women in business” is a good opportunity for the promotion of gender equality and believes that the equality of economic opportunities for women and men is a key element of a modern and well-functioning market economy, and is essential for sustainable and inclusive growth.

The “start-up” window will also play an important role in the level of financial intermediation, which will support young entrepreneurs who want to start a business model, product or innovation, with the potential of rapid growth and expansion, stated Governor Nurboja, among other.

Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund – Arta Hoxha, Acting  Chairman of the Board, and Besnik Berisha, Managing Director

Today, the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund achieved one of its institutional goals, which is to facilitate access to finance for two very important groups of the Kosovo economy: Women in Business and Start-Ups.

By expanding access to finance for these two underserved categories, the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund, in addition to supporting access to finance, will have an impact on advancing opportunities for the two categories. This initiative, in addition to having a positive impact in supporting the private sector, will also contribute to a more equal society and will help strengthen the role of Kosovar women in the society.

Statement of the Chief Executive Officer of the Economic Bank Mr. Shpend Luzha

“It is our pleasure to announce that the Economic Bank has reached an agreement with the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund regarding the launch of the New Window for “Women in Business” and “Start-Ups”. 

This agreement represents an important step towards supporting women in business and encouraging innovation and the development of start-ups. Under this agreement, the Economic Bank will offer credit guarantees to start-ups and businesses founded or managed by women, enabling them access to finance to help their growth and development.

Economic Bank will continue to engage in supporting the community of small and medium-sized enterprises and promoting gender equality in commerce, said Shpend Luzha, Chief Executive Officer of Economic Bank.

Statement by the First Deputy Chief Executive in BKT Kosovo

Albion Mulaku, Head of Business and Corporate Banking Group and First Deputy CEO at BKT Kosova stated: “We are happy to continue our partnership with the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF), this time to launch two new windows, for Start-ups and Women in Business. This initiative will provide these businesses with the necessary financial support to develop their innovative ideas, expand their operations and reach their full potential. These windows reflect our commitment to empower women in business and Start-Ups. At BKT Kosova, we believe that by investing in women-led businesses and start-ups, we will further promote economic growth and create a better future for everyone.”

Statement by Mrs. Mimoza Godanci-Aliu, Chief Executive Officer at BPB:

“Bank for Business, as one of the pioneering institutions to have cooperated with the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund, is convinced that today, through these agreements for new windows, it is continuing the path of support for two very important categories for the development of country’s economy.

Aware that women entrepreneurs and start-up founders face challenges in securing the collateral needed to access financing, these windows are not only necessary but rather essential to provide these two categories with a mechanism to overcome this barrier. We are convinced that, through them, we will achieve the desired impact, both in increasing the competitiveness of businesses owned by women entrepreneurs, and giving life to new initiatives and projects of start-ups.”

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