Arbëria Group is a company involved in the production of natural mineral water “Ujë i Alpeve”
(Alpine Water) and the production of carbonated beverages.
“It was 2010 when we established the Ujë i Alpeve Water Factory, to produce and bring
quality natural water from the spring to the customer’s dining table. Ujë i Alpeve natural
mineral water springs from the depths of the Alps in the Gollak Mountains in the village of
Koliq, at an altitude of over 1,200 meters, from an ancient spring of natural mineral water, and
is well-known as high-quality water”, emphasizes Mr. Afrim Osmani, business owner.
Currently, the company is cooperating with more than 1,500 local companies, local
hypermarket, and supermarket chains, as well as retailers.

“Since 2010, our company has managed to
expand, adding production lines, and increasing
the number of employees, and to become
established as a name brand among customers.
To offer a high-quality product, we package the
water using modern European technology
certified according to European standards, which
allows our Alpine Water to retain all its natural
properties from the spring. However, in addition
to the advanced technology we employ, to carry
out our planning and to be competitive in the
market, we also needed to invest in working
capital. We managed to make this investment
with a loan guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit
Guarantee Fund”, notes Mr. Osmani.

Through this investment, the company managed
to achieve production goals and planned sales,
which at the same time resulted in business
The support for this investment came through
with the loan guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit
Guarantee Fund, together with the COSME Program of the European Investment Fund
supporting access to finance for MSMEs at different stages of their life cycle, such as during
the creation, expansion, or transfer of business.

A new financial window “EXPORT WINDOW” was launched

A new financial window “EXPORT WINDOW” was launched

Today, at the event organized by Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund and USAID Kosovo Compete Activity, a new financial facility has been launched called “EXPORT WINDOW” Through the Export Window new guarantees can be issued to our partner financial institutions for the...