Four years since the first guarantee approval

Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF) is pleased to announce the fourth year since the first approval of the first credit guarantee. During these four years KCGF has continued to be proactive to the needs of the sector, continuously improving processes, qualifying criteria, as well as advancing guarantee products.

Through loan guarantees, the Fund has improved the performance of MSMEs with investments made by guaranteed loans, and moreover, has helped the development of the economy through business development, creativity, and innovation.

When we talk about the economy of our country, first of all we think about the development of micro, small and medium enterprises, as enterprises with a fundamental basis for further market growth.

Investing in micro, small, and medium enterprises in Kosovo is equivalent to investing in job creation, increased production, technology, and innovation. All these are of vital importance for our country.

Today, we reminisce the cooperation with the first bank through which we guaranteed the first loans four years ago, ProCredit Bank.

“As a development-oriented bank and always in support of small and medium businesses in the country, undoubtedly the cooperation with the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund comes naturally as we are open to any kind of initiative which focuses on support and advancement of businesses. This four-year cooperation has helped ProCredit Bank customers, respectively, domestic businesses, through credit guarantees to have additional facilities in financing new investment plans and increasing business productivity.

The successes and achievements by the investments of our business clients within the KCGF, make us deepen this cooperation even more in support of businesses with a focus on the manufacturing sector and Agro industry as well as new investments of businesses with focus on green economy, energy saving and environmental protection. We were the first to start the cooperation with KCGF and we will continue with the common goal of supporting small and medium businesses which make a substantial contribution to the country’s economy “– says Ms. Eriola Bibolli, Executive Director of ProCredit Bank.

Difficult times like these, the period when economic recovery is the keyword to any further action in the economy, the role of the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund is becoming increasingly emphasized, as a driving force and a supporter of economic development through the opening of opportunities within the market. This was evidenced by the continuity of KCGF during these months as well in providing credit guarantees for 934 MSMEs with a cumulative value of 34.4 million euros.

The Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund welcomes future cooperation with financial institutions in Kosovo and proudly takes its place as a significant factor in economic development in the Republic of Kosovo.

The portfolio build for these four years has reached the cumulative value of approved loans at 207.3 million euros, while the value guaranteed by Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund has reached 100.2 million euros distributed in 5,451 loans.

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