Hit-Flores is a company involved in the harvesting and processing of medicinal plants,
mushrooms, and forest fruits. The company is also involved with the processing and
packaging of tea, which is harvested directly from the Sharr Mountains.

“We started our business in 2005, initially with the
harvesting of forest fruits and gradually expanding
operations to include the harvesting of medicinal
plants and mushrooms. “Our primary goal is to
harvest high-quality fruits and medicinal plants
from the beautiful Sharr Mountains and use
proper classification and packaging to ensure our
presence in international markets”, notes Mr.
Arafat Bajrami, business owner of Hit Flores.
Currently, the company is cooperating with more
than 4,000 farmers and various international companies from ten European countries. The
company cooperates with local farmers from the region of Dragash, Shtërpcë, Brezovicë,
Mitrovicë, Vushtrri, as well as with farmers from northern part of Albania. Hit Flores employs
28 full time workers and 70-120 seasonal workers, as needed.
“With the constant expansion of company activities, we realized that we needed to invest in
facility augmentation to ensure that our operations would be supported in the best way
possible. We managed to make this investment with a loan guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit
Guarantee Fund”, points out Mr. Bajrami.

Through this investment, the company managed to create a better space for storage and
preservation of products, making them ready for placement in both domestic and international

The support for this investment came through with the loan guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit
Guarantee Fund, together with the COSME Program of the European Investment Fund
supporting access to finance for MSMEs at different stages of their life cycle, such as during
the creation, expansion, or transfer of business.

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