MOEA FRUTOMANIA – A little bottle with big love

It is always a pleasure when we visit a local business, the one with all its capacities takes care to offer quality and completely natural products.
The factory we visited was established in 2006. Since then, the main idea and the goal has been the cultivation, production and marketing of natural products of all types of trees that are cultivated in the land of Kosovo. The nature that surrounds the factory, the tools, the space, the working conditions, the overall organization, leaves the most beautiful impressions and a lesson on how should a business function and increase productivity. The village of Kravarica near Gjilan is exact location of the business we visited – MOEA – which grows apples, cherries, cranberries and other fruits at full capacity.
It produces FRUTOMANIA jam and juices, which are 100% natural and varied. It is a brand that has a name for quality, offers healthy, original and 100% natural products. The smell of apples, the clean environment, the part where the fruits are selected, canned, squeezed and the whole chain of production of super-natural and local juices, are indicators that this business has grown and its main goal is the quality and delivery of healthy products.
With over 400 hectares of land, over 30 regular workers throughout the year and other seasonal, depending on the volume of work, MOEA has managed with professionalism and dedication, in addition to the local market to penetrate the international market, because quality is the main criterion for this business. To date, it has managed to introduce and produce 16 different types of drinks, natural and high quality, jam and alcoholic beverages in many European countries such as Austria, Hungary, Finland, Italy, of course in Albania.

MOEA is a business that has used the loan from the KCGF guarantee scheme, within the ECONOMIC RECOVERY PACKAGE. In fact, two loans, which are mainly used for the provision and supply of raw materials, raw materials and packaging. These loans are approved quickly and easily, without the need for collateral, as part of facilitating access to finance provided by the recovery package. The hospitality, the professional presentation of the business by the staff and the management that we met, left us with a good taste of a local business that continues to develop and increase its capacities.

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