Progressive results of the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund are reported in the AECM Statistical Yearbook

Dear readers,

Happy to announce that the European Association of Guarantee Institutions (AECM), member of which is Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF) has published the Statistical Yearbook for 2019.

While most member countries observed positive growth rates over the past year, the highest percentual increase could be registered by Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund as in:

  • Increase on outstanding volume by +49.4%;
  • Expansion on number of outstanding guarantees by + 57.5%.

AECM member organizations continued to support access to MSME finance and the economies of the countries where they operate alongside their mission. The member organizations during 2019 were doing quite well, all together supporting MSMEs with a new guarantee volume EUR 38.8 billion, to close the year with a total amount of outstanding guarantee volume of EUR 110.7 billion of guarantees with more than 2.8 mill supported MSMEs by AECM members.

The share of the overall AECM members’ outstanding guarantee volume in the GDP of AECM countries was 0.7%. The KCGF has managed to reach the average of these countries, while has exceeded the guarantee schemes of Western Balkan, despite the fact that most of these countries have long standing experience with guarantee schemes, when compared to Kosovo.

For more, you can see the Statistical Yearbook for 2019 in the link:


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