“The White Tree” – is a restaurant in Pristina, founded in 2020 by three former friends/colleagues.

“Starting a new business is a challenge, considering the financial aspect, entering a new activity is easier when you do not enter alone but together with a partner. We started our business in 2020 right at the beginning of the pandemic. It was a joint initiative by all three partners to bring a new concept, a better quality service in the neighborhood where we operate “, emphasizes Mr. Patience Xhiha co-owner and business manager of “The White Tree”.

“The White tree employs 19 workers, and currently is expanding with 6 additional workers. Women’s empowerment is one of the goals of the founders, so it is planned that the participation of women from 40% as it is now, to increase further and reach 60%.

“Investments in the business were mainly made from the capital of the co-founders, but still needed an additional injection to complete the investments in the restaurant inventory. We achieved this investment through the loan that was guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund “, emphasizes Mr. Xhiha.

Through this investment, it was managed to make the space functional and ready to start the activity.

The support of this investment is made through the loan guaranteed by the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund together with the COSME Program of the European Investment Fund which are supporting access to finance for MSMEs at different stages of their life cycles : creating, expanding or transferring business.

Bee Hives in the Picturesque Village

Bee Hives in the Picturesque Village

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